Service Price
1 cat €14 per day fully inclusive
2 cats sharing* €23 per day fully inclusive
3 cats sharing* €32 per day fully inclusive
4 cats sharing* €40 per day fully inclusive

* Cats only share a suite if they are from the same household.

Payments by cash or cheque only.

Supplements if required:

  • Administration of drugs, injections, creams etc.: €3 per day / per cat
  • Worming (if required) €10
  • Flea treatment (if required) €10
  • Vet trips or other round trip €30
If your cat is on a special diet, or if your cat likes something a bit different, please bring this along.


All cats must arrive in a carrier in the interest of safety.

All cats must be identified by tattoo or microchip.

Vaccinations - All cats coming to stay with us must be fully vaccinated and you must show an up-to-date vaccination card, signed and dated by a veterinary surgeon. We request that you leave it with us for the duration of the stay.

For the protection of other guests we cannot allow unvaccinated cats to stay with us.

Flea and worm treatment - Please ensure your cat's flea and worm treatment is up to date.

If fleas or worms are seen, we will be obliged to give treatment accordingly. There is a charge of €10 for each treatment

Un-neutered male cats - we are sorry but we do not accept un-neutered male cats.

Local vet -We ask that you leave details of your cat's vet for our reference, in case of emergency. All cats will be closely observed during their stay to ensure they are eating, using their litter trays and maintaining good health and condition. If we have any concerns about your cat's health we will contact a vet (initially yours) and if necessary, administer the recommended treatment. Should this occur, we will try to contact you and keep you up to date with the situation.
If we are unable to get hold of you to discuss your cats health / emergency treatment then veterinary advisement will be the deciding factor.

Visiting - We ask that you make an appointment in advance of visiting or dropping off your cat so that there is plenty of time to discuss anything you wish to bring to our attention. We like to ensure both you and your cat are happy before you leave.