Facilities & Welfare

At MinouCats we have 7 beautiful chalets, allowing us to give each cat individual care and attention.

Each chalet is fully covered to protect from harsh winters and extreme summers. There are also cat-flaps so guests can have access to their internal or external run, in all weathers, without being confined to their sleeping areas.

All chalets are equipped to ensure your cat feels like it is having a homely holiday. All rooms are designed, purpose-built and furnished to the highest standards.

All chalets include:
  • fully insulated walls with a raised sleeping compartment (additonal heating can be provided)
  • a cosy bed for each individual cat (we are happy for you to bring your own bedding if you feel that would make your cat feel more at home)
  • enclosed litter trays, which are cleaned throughout the day
  • a variety of platforms and shelves to give your cat different vantage points
  • a window to see outside whilst enjoying the comfort of indoors
  • water which is refreshed regularly
  • music
All external play areas include:
  • scratching posts
  • a variety of platforms and shelves to give your cat different vantage points
  • climbing frames
  • a selection of toys
  • coloured play balls
  • sneeze barriers
  • a view of butterfly-attracting plants around the cattery to provide interest and movement for the cats to see

If you would like to bring any favourite items, then please feel free to do so. If your cat enjoys a pampering, please bring their brush or comb.

All cats are fed twice a day (but we are happy to meet any specific requirements) and are given biscuits and treats for those special moments in the day. If you have any special requests, please share them with us.

Pampering is always offered as standard for all our guests including brushing, tummy tickles, ear massages, chin rubs and of course, lots of cuddling.

As well as care and attention, hygiene and best practice are a top priority at MinouCats: Felines by nature are fastidious and love to be clean. Litter trays are cleaned every day, feeding bowls are washed between each mealtime and water is frequently refreshed.

Approved disinfectant is used throughout. Every chalet, bedding and all facilities are thoroughly sanitised between guests.

Sneeze barriers between adjoining areas are fitted as standard.